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Homeroom and Academic Advisory


Homeroom provides time before classes begin to build relationships.  This relationship allows the staff to assure students are mentally, emotional and physically ready to begin the school day.  This fosters a sense of belonging which is our first pillar, and focus to meet the basic social and emotional needs of our students.  The Homeroom Teacher provides a setting that strives to meet these needs.  This program emphasizes the human relationship skills required for positive interactions. In Homeroom, students have the opportunity to participate in activities designed to develop positive self-image, improve study skills, better peer relationships, and learn cooperative participation through team building and other skills needed to be successful.Homeroom provides a time for student business and other special events.

Homeroom Teacher
•To meet the social and emotional needs of students.



Academic Advisement 

On Tuesday and Thursday of each week, all students will report to their Academic Advisor.  This staff member reviews the students’ current academic status.  The Advisor helps students organize and manage their learning, makes suggestions of academic strategies and interventions, and provides motivation and encouragement.  Students who are not passing all of their classes will receive a 20 minute period of time to address these issues.  Students who are passing all of their classes will receive a 20 minute break.  Students on break must comply with all break rules and expectations.  Students who are not passing all of their classes MUST remain with their Advisor and comply with all study session expectations.

•To provide an additional level of academic support and to help students achieve academic success.