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Wednesday Tutorials

During Tutorials, students are given opportunity receive individual help from their class teachers or get additional time to make up tests, projects, or other assignments. Hawks will take place every Wednesday for 55 minutes. Any student with a failing grade by the end of every Tuesday, will be assigned to that classroom teacher the next day. Teachers will collaborate to determine which classroom the student will attend if there are multiple failing grades. Teachers will not be expected to grade any missing/incomplete work on Wednesday mornings before Hawks. Therefore, students should not expect to be removed from tutoring or leave early during tutoring if they hand work in after the end of the day on Tuesday. Once a student has been assigned they are required to attend. Failure to follow these procedures violates the SRA contract and will be treated similar to refusing to attend a class. Also, students can voluntarily attend tutoring if they want to get more work done and have a quiet study environment. This will only require permission from the classroom teacher.
Any student who is passing all their classes with an 80% or better, they have the privilege of a 55 minute break. These students will remain on the 1st floor and are able to watch a movie, play basketball, play other games in the gym, play board games, buy snacks, or just hang out in the Hawk’s Nest or the couches.


Independent Study Classes

a.  Extra Classes
This option is for Juniors and Seniors. If the student finishes two (2) classes early, we will allow the student to enroll in an independent study class in a learning lab that same hour. Students will be working on course material independently of a direct-instruction, whole-class format. A teacher is available when needed to tutor, grade work, and track progress.
b.  Course Extension
Students who are unable to finish a class due to mitigating circumstances may request a course extension. This allows students the opportunity to continue the class, not start over, during the next grading period. The requests must be formally submitted to the Guidance Counselor prior to the end of the grading period. Each request will then be reviewed by a team of staff members to determine is the extension is appropriate.